Do not let the table strike against you

If you have enjoyed playing the hardball, you will know when you are at the table for short period, how much you have gained or lost. A lot of people want to teach you strategies when you are losing. I had one such interesting chat with an exotic stranger at a casino. As our eyes met, we knew we had something in common. We loved challenges. Dressed in his debonair black suit, over 100 spins, he grabbed my attention. I was spinning the wheel for fun and gambling the odds and blacks and he beckoned my attention.

Gambling with the date night

We had a few drinks later and when the wine started kicking in, I was wondering if this was a good gamble. I was doing the permutations in my head. He seemed so ravishing after all. One of the strategies I used for winning was I always place for a short period, won some cash and moved on. Sometimes when I am totally sloshed I made a funny mistake of asking the dealer to spin for 1$ at a 50$ table. Therefore, I started betting for singles. I was dressed in a maroon cocktail dress, a rare colour for a gambling night.

The charmer’s delight

I was new in the city and I just wanted to have some fun. Therefore, when he approached me in my total drunken state, I was wondering if it was a safe bet to sail through the night. His home had a large roulette table. It looked like he was a seasoned player. We replaced the ball with my finger ring and let it roll. Years after that day of adventure and fascination, I gave into my spinsterhood and spent the rest of my wild years with him, gambling, and having fun.

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There is no strategy

I am the odd ball, have always been. I do goofy things. Even at the casino, my personality did not feel like sparing me. The naive teenager that I am, I thought I could chip in some money with my friends at the Vegas table. We just wanted to get laid at the end of the day with some hot chics. We first wanted to chip in some dough.

Chip in the columns

I was passing time with my friends. We decided to spend our summers at the Vegas table before getting back to our routines at the universities. Whoever said geeks are boring garden variety, have not seen us doing the spins. For a math geek, I just knew I was going do the right math every time we spun for columns. I played the even outsider bets as I love even numbers. There is no practical explanation to it; I just love them. My love for even numbers and equations make me win some serious cash before heading back. Did not want a hooker cause I feared herpes. They always told me, they give you herpes. It was a very tough decision to say no to the likes of that, that is throwing herself at you and you fear and loath in Vegas. It does not matter if I am still a mocking stock but I did win them some 3000$ spinning.

Odds are even

Bets are always odd; it’s a saying. However, my bets were even and it was odd that I won. Well, that a nice way to pun. However, it is true. I did some stupid things by asking stupid questions at the table thinking I could be cocky and funny. It didn’t go down well with the people at the table, so I got a grip and put my act together.

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Gamble for Fun and Call it Roulette

Do you enjoy playing with endless possibilities? If yes, come join over a game of roulette. I had a habit of betting, I would bet on just about anything. I had gained as much as i have lost. But there is one thing I have learnt, life is a gamble. When you lose, you are always gambling with strategies to win. When you win, you are giving yourself a reason to gamble a bit more with possibilities. But the bottom-line of any gamble is- “are you really a risk taker?” How much would you bet on your instincts and gut feeling? Are you ready to barter with your possibilities? I questioned myself every time I stood in front of the wheel.

The wheel of time

When I stood at the table with my beau, I had to choose from colours, numbers. I was wondering if I was wearing the right shoes. Online casinos fascinate me and I end up playing blackjack at the slots. If I was wearing my lucky hairpin. It always gave me luck. If women did not gamble, world would would not be so interesting. As the time passed in the casino, and people watch how I scored at the game, I started to feel a sense of power. Like my instincts got a protein to grow stronger. That is what winning does to you; it gives a magic potion to your soul, makes your conviction so powerful that you would not mind risking everything to win that one last bet.

As I saw the dealer shake and hand me payouts, I was wondering if I have flattered or enamoured people in the testosterone zone. I was the betting nomad, wandering spectacularly in numbers and colours.

I believe more than formula you gotto feel good about yourself if you have to win. You want to have to win and just focus.

The man luck

Everybody likes to have their lady luck by their side, but my story was different. I always have my fiancé by my side when I before throwing the ball. I do not remember a time when I gave out the numbers without holding his hands. I am proud to say, he is my man luck. I have him by my side when I sin in pleasure, I have him when I surprise him with sobriety, which in my case is as rare a seeing a Yeti.

When the wheels roll, it gives me such an adrenaline rush. There are times I have lost, and times when I did not have hope at the table. Eyes leering at me, telling me to go home and do the domicile, but I had to answer those leering eyes. I stayed until I lost like there was no hope.

However, when the number struck 27, I knew I was back in the game. I always won most of the outsider bets. I attempted to chip in to single bets. I can say, my playing tours in European countries have been fascinating. I have seen in front of my eyes epic wins and epic fails. One of the chances I took to winning was playing the bias wheel. Such a wheel pulls up more number of times and gives you the chance to win. If you have an insight about the roulette system, you will know how to detect the bias wheel and have more chances of winning.

Fibonacci series that I learned in early growing years gave me an insight to guess numbers that earned me profit. I always played roulette for fun. Sipping margaritas and betting reds or blacks on the outside was fun to begin with. I continued betting odds, evens, blacks and reds and chipped in some good dough!

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Are you a crammer of chaos theory?

When I started betting, I was almost obsessed with chalking out winning strategies. I wanted to know what would work. I wanted to know full-proof knickknacks and use them. There have been times where I nailed the wheel and spun some good 1000$. I was the happy junkie coming out of the casino with some cash.

Formulating theories

I knew, without a shadow of doubt, if I played roulette for a short period, I would win some bucks. I knew that when I play short-term, some numbers show up more often. In long-term spins, almost every number has the same possibility to show up. Therefore, I always played it safe and sinned short-term. I analysed the short-terms spins to see which number showed up more and used this strategy in betting. One thing is for sure, you must know when to give up and hold your horses on greed when you win. Whether you win or lose, know when to stop.

Gambling and real-live theories

It might sound delirious but it is true. Roulette taught me some valuable lesson of life. I had a tough time dealing with ambiguity. I never knew its importance until I started gambling. Through winning and losing, I learnt the importance of taking a chance. I learnt to deal with the fear of unknown and unpredictable. I was cramming with the chaos theory even in my life. When I lost my pet dog, when I lost my girlfriend and some good chummier over frivolous things, I turned to gambling just to feel good feeling busted. I thought, how bad could it get? I never realized this habit at the casinos was taking me to a new horizon. I knew what to do when I was losing and I knew when to stop when I was winning. I applied the same principles in my life and I can say, like the Great Gatsby, I could someday be the great gambler.

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