Aussie Gambling

For most of us in the northern hemisphere gambling is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Australia. We tend to think of kangaroos, sunny beaches and blokes like Crocodile Dundee. Gambling would probably be the last thing we think about when looking at Australia. But we would be wrong.

Gambling is pretty well a national obsession in the land down under. It’s been calculated, by those people who love to work out statistics, that roughly 80% of adult Australians actively gamble in some form. That is a huge percentage. Actually that is the highest rate of gambling by adults in the world. And the Australian government knows it. The government’s revenues for the 2007-08 fiscal year on poker machines were $3 billion Australian dollars! That’s just the poker machines. The total gaming revenues for that same fiscal period were $4.9 billion which is 9.1% of all revenues for the Australian government. Pokies (slots) is by far the most popular game and generates a large portion of gaming revenue with Blackjack (good blackjack resource site > Best Online Blackjack Australia) also being another very popular game.

Now the state also has to protect its citizens from themselves and from the unscrupulous. So they have what’s called the Interactive Gambling Act. The purpose of the act is to stop any online casino operator from serving up “real money” online gambling or any advertising of that gambling to its citizens. This keeps everybody on the up and up. So, you can gamble online in Australia and non-residents of Australia can gamble on sites that operate from within Australia’s borders, however there is a list called the Designated Countries List and if you are gambling from a country on that list you cannot patronize an Australian online casino.

People in many countries who gamble have to face the reality of taxes if they win while gambling at a legal brick & mortar or online casino. But that is not the case in Australia. In Australia your winnings are not taxable. Gambling is considered a recreational activity there which is a big incentive to the local to patronize there casinos. However, the casino operators are subject to taxation and the amount depends on a multitude of variables, but to the individual player that really doesn’t matter. If he or she wins, the money is theirs.

What all of this adds up to is one of the best gambling environments in the English speaking world. And most Australians would agree given the statistics that attest to the growing popularity of online casinos there.