Are you a crammer of chaos theory?

When I started betting, I was almost obsessed with chalking out winning strategies. I wanted to know what would work. I wanted to know full-proof knickknacks and use them. There have been times where I nailed the wheel and spun some good 1000$. I was the happy junkie coming out of the casino with some cash.

Formulating theories

I knew, without a shadow of doubt, if I played roulette for a short period, I would win some bucks. I knew that when I play short-term, some numbers show up more often. In long-term spins, almost every number has the same possibility to show up. Therefore, I always played it safe and sinned short-term. I analysed the short-terms spins to see which number showed up more and used this strategy in betting. One thing is for sure, you must know when to give up and hold your horses on greed when you win. Whether you win or lose, know when to stop.

Gambling and real-live theories

It might sound delirious but it is true. Roulette taught me some valuable lesson of life. I had a tough time dealing with ambiguity. I never knew its importance until I started gambling. Through winning and losing, I learnt the importance of taking a chance. I learnt to deal with the fear of unknown and unpredictable. I was cramming with the chaos theory even in my life. When I lost my pet dog, when I lost my girlfriend and some good chummier over frivolous things, I turned to gambling just to feel good feeling busted. I thought, how bad could it get? I never realized this habit at the casinos was taking me to a new horizon. I knew what to do when I was losing and I knew when to stop when I was winning. I applied the same principles in my life and I can say, like the Great Gatsby, I could someday be the great gambler.

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