Do not let the table strike against you

If you have enjoyed playing the hardball, you will know when you are at the table for short period, how much you have gained or lost. A lot of people want to teach you strategies when you are losing. I had one such interesting chat with an exotic stranger at a casino. As our eyes met, we knew we had something in common. We loved challenges. Dressed in his debonair black suit, over 100 spins, he grabbed my attention. I was spinning the wheel for fun and gambling the odds and blacks and he beckoned my attention.

Gambling with the date night

We had a few drinks later and when the wine started kicking in, I was wondering if this was a good gamble. I was doing the permutations in my head. He seemed so ravishing after all. One of the strategies I used for winning was I always place for a short period, won some cash and moved on. Sometimes when I am totally sloshed I made a funny mistake of asking the dealer to spin for 1$ at a 50$ table. Therefore, I started betting for singles. I was dressed in a maroon cocktail dress, a rare colour for a gambling night.

The charmer’s delight

I was new in the city and I just wanted to have some fun. Therefore, when he approached me in my total drunken state, I was wondering if it was a safe bet to sail through the night. His home had a large roulette table. It looked like he was a seasoned player. We replaced the ball with my finger ring and let it roll. Years after that day of adventure and fascination, I gave into my spinsterhood and spent the rest of my wild years with him, gambling, and having fun.

Paul Neilson

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