There is no strategy

I am the odd ball, have always been. I do goofy things. Even at the casino, my personality did not feel like sparing me. The naive teenager that I am, I thought I could chip in some money with my friends at the Vegas table. We just wanted to get laid at the end of the day with some hot chics. We first wanted to chip in some dough.

Chip in the columns

I was passing time with my friends. We decided to spend our summers at the Vegas table before getting back to our routines at the universities. Whoever said geeks are boring garden variety, have not seen us doing the spins. For a math geek, I just knew I was going do the right math every time we spun for columns. I played the even outsider bets as I love even numbers. There is no practical explanation to it; I just love them. My love for even numbers and equations make me win some serious cash before heading back. Did not want a hooker cause I feared herpes. They always told me, they give you herpes. It was a very tough decision to say no to the likes of that, that is throwing herself at you and you fear and loath in Vegas. It does not matter if I am still a mocking stock but I did win them some 3000$ spinning.

Odds are even

Bets are always odd; it’s a saying. However, my bets were even and it was odd that I won. Well, that a nice way to pun. However, it is true. I did some stupid things by asking stupid questions at the table thinking I could be cocky and funny. It didn’t go down well with the people at the table, so I got a grip and put my act together.

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